Ever notice the thrill and excitement on display as children share their discoveries with one another?  Or how quickly children learn from one another?  The same is true for child care providers.  They are anxious to share new ideas and information with one another.  They are 
the inspiration for the TFCCA annual child care conference. 

TFCCA offers training specifically for in-home child care providers.  Most training is presented by actual care givers who bring their first hand experiences with family child care scenarios to life.  Providers come from all across the state to enjoy training developed with their needs in mind. 
TFCCA also provides a recognition banquet in honor of child care providers who have achieved milestones in their professional development.  The Gold Star Banquet is the crowning jewel of the conference.  Come join us for a weekend of fun and fellowship.  

Family Child Care State Conference
2017 TFCCA's 25th Annual State Conference & TOPSTARS 2nd Annual Mentor Forum
Friday, March 24, 2017 and Saturday, March 25, 2017
Montgomery Bell State Park
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